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2019 May 28
I have tried for over 20 years to gain information of a Cecelia Ann EASLEY, mother to Henry EASLEY of Cobden, IL. I can not find a death date of Cecelia or where she was buried. Her residence was mostly of Franklin County, IL, but her son Henry Alonzo (nickname Lon) married and moved to Cobden. He married Ella McCANN of Cobden. He died Oct. 7, 1899. I thought that his obit. may have information of his mother's status living or dead. This would give me a bench mark of a date. I can't find any obituary of him. All I can find is a article mentioning his name on Sept 8, 1899, saying "Not expected to recover from typhoid fever."

Would you or someone with better luck look for anything?

Henry Alonzo EASLEY was born in Franklin County IL about 1868 to JP EASLEY and Cecelia Ann (SHARP) EASLEY

Thank you for your time and consideration, Frank L. Wilkie, Goreville, IL bpffpb@hotmail.com
2018 Jun 21
I'm looking for information about my 2nd great grandfather's death in Wolf Lake, IL. His name Aden GILES born 6/14/1856 and died in 1913. We have a family story that he was killed with an axe, but I know nothing else, and I can't find any information anywhere. Hope you can help.

Thank you, Robin ubeehapy2@yahoo.com
2018 May 10 Re: 2018 Apr 15 query
Melissa McCord found May Bell NELSON KELLEY in the 1900 Census in Pomona Township, Jackson County. She was living with her husband, George, and daughter, Gracie, perhaps on her in-laws farm. The record gives her birthdate as Sep 1881.
2018 Apr 15
I'm particularly looking for birth of May Bell NELSON, my paternal grandmother. She was born in about 1881, after the 1880 Census, and married my grandfather, George Richard KELLEY, on Christmas day in 1898. Of course the 1890 Census is missing so May Bell NELSON does not show up in census documents.

I think she may be the eldest daughter of James NELSON and Martha H. (STURED or STEWART) based on the date of their marriage and their record on the 1900 Census. (8 living children and 7 at home; the missing one possibly May Bell).

Thanks,  Ken Kelley  kckelleyrvm@gmail.com

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