Township 13 South, Range 2 West

Plat contributed 18 Feb 2018 by Melissa McCord


Some of the owners listed below may appear multiple times on the plat. This is not a complete list, and some names may be misspelled. We welcome additions and corrections.

Albright, F. A.
Arnold, W. T.
Barnhard & Grieb
Bauer, Chas. A.
Bernhard, G. J.
Bernhard, John A.
Bernhard, Peter
Blouke, Milton B.
Brown, H. W.
Brown, Jas. A.
Brown, Jas. L.
Brown, John W.
Brown, P. C.
Casper, John
Caster, Est.
Castleman, Geo.
Cauble, Alex S.
Christenberry, Horace
Clulls, Lucinda
Combs, Jas. T.
Craver, James
Crowell, Benj.
Cruse, B. E.
Cruse, Chas. Thos.
Culler, Claude
Davie, Samuel F.
Dillow, C. E. & L.
Dillow, Caster, Est.
Dillow, Edward A.
Dillow, Eli J.
Dillow, Frank
Dillow, H. D.
Dillow, I. E.
Dillow, Jas. A.
Dillow, John
Dillow, Lovina
Douglas, Dora
Douglas, Henry
Drexler, Grieba
Duerekheimer, Geo. P.
Duschel, Mathias
Ecker, A.
Ecker, Chas.
Erickson, E. C.
Fisher, Otto
Fithian, Geo. W.
Frick, W. Dennis
Frost, Matteson & Karraker
Fulenwider, Adolphus A.
Fulenwider, Joseph A.
Fulenwider, Julius M.
Goodman, B. L.
Goodman, Jas. M.
Goodman, John
Goodman, John L.
Green, Reed
Harrison, W.
Hehenberger, Michael
Heilig, Geo. J.
Hileman, A. Frank
Hileman, Ellie
Hileman, Geo. W.
Hileman, John M., Est.
Holshouser, E. D.
Holshouser, J.
Holzhouser, M.
Holzhouser, Mary J.
Hoover, Emma J.
Houseman, Chas.
Houseman, Jas.
Illinois Silica Co.
Johns, T. F.
Johnson, Jas. J.
Johnson, W. B.
Karraker, Frosta
Karraker, I. O.
Keller, Eli
Keller, Eli, Est.
Keller, Martha
Kirkpatrick, Harry
Klutts, Chas.
Knupp, S. W.
Kohler, John
Kollehner, Joseph
Kollehner, Phillip R. A.
Kratzinger, Kate
Lingle, Alfred
Lingle, Calvin L.
Lingle, J. W.
Lingle, Jerome W.
Lingle, John
Linn, B. E.
Linn, J.
Linn, J. T.
Linn, J. T. S.
Linn, M. A. & S. G.
McArthur Bros. Co.
Meisenheimer, Giles M.
Miller, John M.
Misenheimer, Jacob T.
Morgan, Geo. W.
Mowery, Adam
Mowery, Fannie
Mowery, Geo.
Otrich, C. L.
Otrich, T. M.
Perkins, _.
Perrine, Mary A.
Perry, Jonathan
Poole, Jacob H.
Reischauer, Edward, Est.
Reischauer, Ernsta Theresa
Reynolds, Jas.
Reynolds, Wm. R. S.
Rudert, Gus
Rushing, W. Pink
Samson, Ed.
Sander, Lydia
Sansom, Chas. M.
Sauerbrunn, Thos.
Scharf, Frank
Scharf, Mary
Scharf, Philip
Schmidt, Herman
Seeger, G. Fred
Sessions, A. N.
Shipley, Cath. M.
Spann, Harriet
Spre & Son
Stokes, Jessie M., Mrs.
Stokes, W. W.
Stokes, W. W., Est.
Storm, Bertha
Swayne, Ellen D.
Tanner, Arthur
Vick, Clede
Vick, J. C.
Weaver, Bruno A.
Weaver, John
Weber, Philip
Wescott, Fred
Wilds, Eva
Wilson, L.

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