Township 13 South, Range 2 West

Plat contributed 18 Feb 2018 by Melissa McCord


Some of the owners listed below may appear multiple times on the plat. This is not a complete list, and some names may be misspelled. We welcome additions and corrections.

Animus, J.
Barnhart, P.
Becker, C.
Bosden, A. G.
Brown, Abe
Brown, Chas.
Brown, D. C.
Brown, F. M.
Brown, G. H.
Brown, G. W.
Brown, J. L.
Brown, L.
Brown, Lyda
Brown, N.
Casper, Jac.
Cauble, A.
Cook, C. W.
Coomes, Jas.
Cory, B. F.
Cover, E., Heirs of
Cover, J. R.
Craner, D.
Craver, Jas.
Cruse, J.
Cruse, S., Heirs of
Davis, Wm.
Dillow, A., Heirs of
Dillow, H.
Dillow, J. A.
Dillow, L. A.
Dillow, L. C.
Dillow, P., Jr.
Dillow, Paul
Dillow, Sam'l
Dillow, W.
Dority, J.
Douglas, H.
Durkheimer, G. P.
Duschel, M.
Echer, J.
Evans, Jas., Heirs of 
Frick, Mary E.
Fulenwider, A.
Goodman, C. C.
Goodman, H. J.
Goodman, J. L.
Goodman, M.
Goodman, W. H.
Green, Florence W.
Haney, J.
Heath, Mary A.
Hehenberger & Kollehner 
Hehenberger, M.
Hight, Wm. A.
Hileman & Hargrave
Hileman, F.
Hileman, J. M.
Hindman, J.
Hittmeyer, Mrs.
Hoffner, N.
Holmes, R. E.
Holshouser, D. M.
Humphrey, Wm., Heirs of
Hurst, D. C.
Hutson, M., Heirs of
I. C. R. R.
Jace, Chas.
Keller, C. W.
Kestenhoover, G.
Kirkpatrick, C.
Kirkpatrick, Hugh
Knupp, Sam'l.
Knupp, Susan
Kollehner, Jas.
Lingle, A.
Lingle, M.
Lynn, D. C.
Lynn, J. T. S.
Lyorla, C. M. (?)
Marks, Isaac
McClure, T. J.
Meisenheimer, A.
Meisenheimer, Eli, Heirs of 
Meisenheimer, G. M.
Meisenheimer, J. N.
Meisenheimer, J. T.
Mileman, J. M.
Miller, C.
Miller, E.
Miller, M.
Miller, P.
Miller, Polly
Mowery, J., Heirs of
Mowery, Noah, Heirs of
Nunmo, M. G.
Oricle, John M.
Peist, Anna
Perrine, T. M.
Phitzer, J.
Pipkin, A. J.
Poole, G. W.
Poole, J. H.
Priest, J. W.
Randtree, G.
Reed, G. W.
Reischauer, R.
Reynolds, R. S.
Reynolds, R. S.
Saurbrum, T.
Schaffer, J.
Sessions, R. W., Heirs of
Sewell, J. W.
Shaif, A. B.
Silber, J. G.
Sitter, S. H.
Skinner, A. P. M.
Smith, John
Smithie, S. S.
Storm & Rushing
Tayloe, B. O.
Vlek, G. W.
Walker, J.
Watkins, T. J.
Weaver, Cath.
Weaver, Geo. W.
Weber, Jac.
Weber, P., Heirs of
Wills, D. G.
Wilson, C. F.
Wood, _. W., Heirs of

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