Biography - Helen Schuchardt

MRS. HELEN A. SCHUCHARDT, Jonesboro. This lady was born March 14, 1846, in Jonesboro, Ill. She is the youngest daughter of Lieut. Gov. John Dougherty, who is mentioned in our general history. She received her early education in Jonesboro, but afterward graduated, in 1864, at the age of eighteen, at the Female College in Granville, Ohio. Three years later, she was joined in matrimony, in Jonesboro, to Dr. George W. Schuchardt, who was born April 25, 1842, in Caldwell County. Ky. He lived in Kentucky until he was seven years of age, when his father removed to Illinois. He received his early education in Golconda, Pope Co., Ill. His medical education was received in the city of Chicago, at the Rush Medical College, graduating January 27, 1864. He commenced the practice of his profession in Golconda, with his father, Dr. J. V. Schuchardt, but soon left there to join the Union army, in which he served his country in the capacity of Assistant Surgeon until the close of the war. He was on duty part of the time at Atlanta, Ga., and afterward in General Hospital No. 3, Lookout Mountain, Tenn. After the war, he located in Jonesboro, where he lived and labored in the practice of his noble profession until some two years before his death. He died of pulmonary consumption, February 7, 1879, in Jonesboro. He was a man of scrupulous integrity, considerable culture, and of great gravity and dignity of manner. He arose to eminence in his profession, and possessed to the last the esteem and confidence of his professional brethren and the people generally as a conscientious man, and a skillful and devoted practitioner. He was one of the gentleman to move in the organization of the Southern Illinois Medical Association, and was elected its first Secretary. He gave to this enterprise his whole heart, sparing neither time nor labor, until it was established on a firm basis. He wielded an influence for good, solid as granite itself; and when no more on earth, he left behind an example of untiring zeal, self-denial, truth and honor; a careful, patient, faithful worker, worthy to be cherished and followed by all who come after him. He was the father of four children, viz., John W., born November 15, 1869; Leilia C., born July 30, 1872; George C., born February 9, 1874, and Ethel H., born August 14, 1875. Mrs. Schuchardt is a member of the Presbyterian Church. She was appointed Master in Chancery by Judge John Dougherty, and served two years, although the office was disputed, and judgment rendered against her by the Circuit and Appellate Court; but when carried to the Supreme Court judgment was rendered in her favor, making the first precedent of its kind in Illinois. She is now Township Treasurer, filling the office with tact and ability. In society, her influence for good is felt by all with whom she comes in contact.

Extracted 02 Apr 2017 by Norma Hass from 1883 History of Alexander, Union, and Pulaski Counties, Illinois, Part V, pages 112-113.

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