Biography - Jacob Rendleman

JACOB RENDLEMAN, Sr., farmer, P. O. Kaolin, is a grandson of John Rendleman, who was born in Germany, and who on coming to this country settled in Pennsylvania, where Jacob Rendleman, the father of our subject, was born. On reaching manhood, he settled in Rowan County, N. C. In this State he married Betsey Fullenwater, who was the mother of nine children. Of this number our subject was the second, and was born March 30, 1808. Mr. Rendleman came to this county in 1817, with his parents, who are mentioned in our general history. The country was a wilderness, and wild beasts and wilder men roamed through the dark forests, which are now converted into fertile fields and blooming gardens, where fruits of almost every variety grow. Our subject's opportunities for an education were very limited, as the county had no schools except the subscription schools at that time, and to this school he went but about three months. From early life until the present time he has devoted himself to the cultivation of the virgin soil of Union County. He has at present about 1600 acres of land, a part of which is devoted to fruit cultivation, 100 acres being devoted wholly to orchards. Mr. Rendleman is a self-made man in every sense of the word, and is a fair specimen of American grit and perseverance. He was married in this county in the year 1826, to Rachael Hartline, who was born in Rowan County, N. C, and died in this county in 1860. Her parents were among the older settlers of this county. She was the mother of ten children — John, William, George, Maston, Lucinda, Lavina, Jacob, Jeff, Marshal and Nancy K. Mr. Rendleman was joined in matrimony the second time to Mrs. Mary E. Wilson, daughter of John and Ellen (McKissie) McCasland, and is the mother of nine children, all of whom are living, viz.: Nancy C. Wilson, wife of John Hartline; Sophrina E. Wilson, wife of John Cassel; Josephina Wilson, wife of George W. Hess; John D. Wilson, who married Elica J. Cassel; David F. Rendleman, Robert M., Ellen, Amanda and Dora. Mrs. Rendleman is a member of the Baptist Church and Mr. Rendleman is a member of the German Reformed Church. In politics, he is identified with the Democratic party, as were his ancestors years ago.

Extracted 02 Apr 2017 by Norma Hass from 1883 History of Alexander, Union, and Pulaski Counties, Illinois, Part V, page 109.

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